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Gum Arabic

Our highly experienced people have the best knowledge and the ability to provide you with the best qualities and best prices of the 2 types of Gum Arabic, Hashab (Acacia Senegal) and Talha (Acacia Seyal) from the origin.


Sudan is the place from where you can get the best qualities of peanuts for all of your industrial applications (salted peanuts, peanuts oil, peanuts butter  …etc.), and KAMEX will ensure to supply your business with the best peanuts qualities from the land of peanuts.

Senna (Pods and Leaves)

Senna is well known traditional herb which is used for traditional medications for stomach and intestines disorders, we can bring to you the Sudanese Senna which you can use for your applications such as Senna tea which is favorite for wide range of people around the world.

Sesame Seeds

KAMEX can bring to you the best qualities of sesame seeds (white and red) at the shortest time you might expect and at the best price, our extended network of subsidiaries distributed over the best places of sesame plants will make it easy to dispatch to you the sesame seeds from the original place of production.

Watermelon Seeds

You can find a wide range of qualities of watermelon seed around the world, but our local farms owners will give you the most trusted quality of watermelon seeds which they grow in patience and passion.

Hibiscus flowers

As the matter with many other natural products, KAMEX will bring to you the best quality of Hibiscus the red charming flowers from the land of origin (Sudan) which is the land of wide range of natural and organic products.

Alfalfa (Clover)

The best qualities of Alfalfa are located in Sudan and that pushed many investors from other countries to invest in Sudan by planting Alfalfa in Sudanese lands, so you do not need to pay for lands rent and cost of investment in Sudan, because KAMEX can bring the quantities you need to your hometown.

Dried Lime

Lime trees are distributed in a very wide areas in Sudan, because lime is one of the favorite fruits for the people in Sudan and it is used on daily basis by every Sudanese family as fresh and dried spices, KAMEX can share the pleasure of the lime fruit with everyone around the world, just ask for the dried spice and you will get the best by KAMEX.


KAMEX is a leading company which can bring to you the natural products from their original places to your place through our extended network of supply chain, and our highly motivated employees and workers will ensure the delivery of the best qualities of the products you are interested in.


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